This site is intended for U.S. healthcare professionals only

This site is intended for U.S. healthcare professionals only

Achondroplasia Resource Library

Deepen your achondroplasia knowledge

Complication Timeline Resource

A comprehensive review of common complications by age group, including suggestions for proactive monitoring, management, and referral recommendations.

Coordinated Care Team Worksheet

A resource designed to help you start a conversation with patients and their caregivers about establishing a multidisciplinary care team of specialists.

a young girl with achondroplasia on the cover of a brochure

Achondroplasia Education Brochure

A snapshot of the condition, including its underlying cause, potential multisystemic impact, and the importance of monitoring achondroplasia specific growth to optimize care.

Additional Resources


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Take a Deeper Dive

No-Cost Genetic Test

Consensus Statement Tool

What Is Achondroplasia?

Experts in achondroplasia discuss the mechanism of disease and its long-term considerations

Complications Through Life Stages

Hear specialists describe the complications of achondroplasia over time and their management through the multidisciplinary team model

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